Weightlifting Shoes

Published: 17th January 2012
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The type of the shoe to wear depends on the occasion one is attending, weightlifting shoes are necessary when going to the gym. These are flat sole plate shoes that are used to give stability when lifting heavy or light weights. Some people make the mistake of wearing the wrong pair of shoes and end up with complains on leg injuries and back aches; this can be stopped if they wear the right shoes. There are different manufactures of weightlifting shoes but Adidas and Nike shoes are the best since their sole are made of rubber. Plastic soles are not durable and can make a weightlifter to fall.

Characteristics of good weightlifting shoes

With the increase of shoe manufacturing companies of which some manufacture counterfeit shoes, it may not be easy to get the right weightlifting shoes. The company name may not matter but the feature of the shoe should be considered, these feature are: †

- Type of sole: Most athletes prefer shoes with plastic soles but weightlifting shoes should have rubber soles. This is to minimize effort used when the shoe gets a higher onto the ground.

- Size of the ankle: When lifting any object in the gym most of you energy is concentrated on the knees and ankles .Shoes with low ankle support is most suitable since the strain on the knees is minimized.

- Size of the sole:-Unlike sports and athletics shoes which have higher heels, weightlifting shoes should be low heeled, this is to give the weightlifter the stability needed when performing the exercise also back strain is minimized.

Types of weightlifting shoes

Over the decades it has emerged that weightlifting shoes have been produced by manufactures like Nike, Adidas and Reebok. They have produced different brands of shoes that have been preferred by most weightlifters. The most common ones are:

- Sneak peek Reebok shoes:†They have a polymer heel to keep the use stable, the toe section is flexible to allow the foot to breathe. The inner sole is raised to give the leg balance and the laces are tight to provide tight grip.

- VS Xplosion11 weightlifting shoe: They are manufactured by Chinese companies and have high strap pattern. These shoes are suitable to weightlifters that use squatting position.

Importance of good weightlifting shoes

Protection is said to be the best cure; having a good weightli9fting shoes will put you in a safer situation when doing your exercise. These shoes are designed in a special way that gives the weight lifter advantages like:†

- Helping the weightlifter to use different techniques when exercising for instance; squatting, bending backwards or making side stretch. Shoes with low ankle support are suited to this exercise.

- Creating stability between the foot and the ground, weightlifting shoes that have rubber sole are suitable. This is due to their ability to reduce the compactness of the ground.

- Keeping the weightlifter safe from injuries that result after there has been lack of stability. This happens if the sole of the shoe is high or has spikes.

- Weightlifting shoes are useful in promoting muscle build up on the legs thereby the lower part of the body becomes stronger.

Proper footwear in the gym is very important especially when lifting movable objects; this is the very first precaution that one should take when going to the gym. There is a great variety of weightlifting shoes in the current market; some are counterfeit and others original. You have to be careful to choose the original brand and not to mistake athletesí shoes to weightlifting shoes.

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